Orbital welding devices
Orbital welding systems
Orbital welding machines

CompactOne, CompactDual


Orbital welding devices
Orbital welding systems
Orbital welding machines

CompactOne, CompactDual

Innovation as a benchmark

We operate our orbital welding machines not only via touch screen and revolutionary software, but with the CompactOne we have the smallest compact-orbital machine worldwide. We pay attention to purchase the most important components in Germany. Thanks to this they are available over a long period. Updates not only keep our software on the latest state of technology, but also enable the user to use new functions. New technologies for the industry, like Bluetooth and WLAN, are used for the automatic data transfers (e.g. the wireless transfer of residual oxygen-values to the welding machine), which make it easier for the operator and document the welding process.


The CompactOne is the smallest and lightest orbital welding-compact machine worldwide. Easy usability in smartphone-style, touch panel and several help functions make it to the innovation leader of the industry.

The orbital welding machine CompactOne is the smallest and lightest orbital welding-compact machine worldwide. It is not only characterized by its small dimensions and the very small weight. The easy operation guidance and program-creation in smartphone-style (machine calculates welding programs by itself) and also the many possibilities of the very easy to operate software, are outstanding. The operator is able to customize the machine to his needs. Easy and discreet notifications make the communication with the machine easier. A rash of help functions are available. The most important functions and information can be seen and selected on the main screen. The hardware contains only components, which were purchased in Germany and are available over a long period. The use of a mass flow controller (MFC) for the gas monitoring is particularly innovative. In this case the gas flow is not only controlled, but also documented. Regular updates not only keep the system on the latest stand of technology, but the operator benefits from the perceptions, which are brought in by us or our customers. For the data transfer 2 USB-ports are available. For the transport we offer a suitable case, which can be connected with a trolley.

Connection voltage 50/60 Hz: 230 V AC
Main fuse: 16 A
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 480 x 185 x 326
Weight: 14,5 kg
Communication (Documentation, Updates): 2 x USB

  • Cable remote control RCplus+ and remote control WLan
  • Water cooling unit WUK 7
  • USB port for Bluetooth connection printer or oxygen analyzer
  • TIG hand torch


Our new CompactDual is the most reasonably priced and most innovative all-in-one orbital and TIG hand welding machine of the world.
The multivoltage power supply enables a worldwide operation. It is the ideal companion for metalworking, breweries, dairies or pipe fitters.

  • High quality TIG hand and orbital welding machine with a power output of 220 ADC
  • easily usable color display for E & TIG
  • 64 hand weld programs storable
  • 99 orbital welding programs with a guided program creation (automatic program calculation)
  • 15 kg
  • 1 x 230/115 V plus/minus 15 %
  • updatable
  • high frequency pulsing for TIG hand and orbital welding (2500 Hz)
  • temperature controlled ventilation


  • open weld heads OWH 76 and OWH 114
  • TIG torch – gas cooled 5 m
  • remote control RCplus+
  • gas hose
  • ground cable


  • mounting trolley (4 wheels)
  • water cooler
  • rolling system / turn tables
  • cold wire feeder
  • hand torch
  • bluetooth printer
  • oxygen analyzer
  • many different open and closed weld head (also from competitors)
  • RC TouchOne (Windows-Controller)

Orbital System BasicPlus

The orbital welding system BasicPlus consists of an orbital control unit and a standard Lorch TIG power source, model T. All machine types of this series (18 different models) have an “Orbital software on board”.

  • automatic operator assistance
  • intuitive input
  • Parameter adjustment possible during welding
  • Various motor control cards for the use of all types of welding heads
  • Connection possibility for Bluetooth printer
  • Supply voltage 50 / 60 Hz: 2x 230V
  • Mains fuse protection: 16A
  • Dimensions L x W x H in mm: 480 x 185 x 410
  • Weight (kg): 16
  • Communication (documentation, updates): 2x RS 232
  • Cable remote control RCplus+
  • Water cooling unit WUK 7
  • TIG hand torch

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