Best technology for peak times or for getting to know each product.

Rental park


Rental park

Best technology for peak times or for getting to know each product.

You want to rent orbital welding products?

Then convince yourself of our rental park!

It is not always reasonable for the customer, to buy the machines. They want to know the equipment, to rent it in the peak period job-oriented or to keep the liquidity of their company. Then you can rent your needed machines from us.

We supply you with the equipment, you have the full benefit. The equipment is 100 % compatible to the machines of the company Orbitec GmbH. You can also connect and operate your weld heads of other manufacturers (for example AMI, Orbimatic, Swagelok, Polysoude etc.) on our orbital welding systems. Not only the easy use, the compactness, the weight, the fully digital data transfer and the easy documentation will impress you, but also the unbeatable rental price.

The rental park is consisted of the following machines:

  • Orbital welding machines (gas- or water cooled) up to 300 A (AC/DC)
  • Open weld heads
  • Closed weld heads
  • Cold wire feeders
  • Tube-to-tubesheet weld heads
  • Residual oxygen analyzers
  • TIG-manual welding machines
  • Tube facers
  • Pipe cutters
  • Turn tables with or without AVC-control (oscillation)
  • Video endoscopes

The rental park is expanded monthly, so that not only the newest orbital welding equipment is available, but also the disposability is guaranteed.

Do you have questions about our products or would you like an individual offer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You would like to recommend our products? With pleasure.