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The future of orbital welding.

With our first-class and innovative products around the orbital welding respectively the orbital welding technique (orbital welding machines, open weld heads, closed weld heads, turn tables, remote controls, cold-wire feeders and more) and our experience of many years, Orbitalservice GmbH is the future of orbital welding. We develop, construct and manufacture the best and customized products and solutions for our customers. These are only a few reasons why our products are in use worldwide. See for yourself. We are available for a personal talk with you.

IQ Certificate for Orbitalservice


We have a workable quality-system to ISO 9001:2015.

The quality management-norm ISO 9001 is the most prevalent and significant norm in the quality-management national and international.

A certification to ISO 9001 is possible for companies and organizations of all sizes and industries and builds the basis for the continuous improvement-process of the internal quality-management-system.

The ISO 9001 determines the minimum requirements on a quality-management-system, which have to be implemented of the companies, to achieve the customer-requirements and further requirements on the product- respectively the service-quality.

Product design PRO2foxy


We develop, construct and manufacture the best and customized products and solutions for our customers. Either optically, qualitative or technically: we think further, follow new directions and develop new products around the orbital welding.

Innovation PRO2stick


We invest a lot of time and passion in new ideas to improve and ease the orbital welding with innovative products.

Thanks to several decades of experience in the industry and high affinity to new technologies and also new designs, we are always a step ahead in the market and think further at all times.

Due to the close contact and an active exchange with our customers and technology-partners and also our comprehensive experiences, we get a good feeling for the requirements in the market and new, potential possibilities which are opened for us in the industry.