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oxygen analyzers

Know our new product line of residual oxygen analyzers. Whether it is our innovative, modern solution, the PRO2 stick, which can be started easy with the „shake-to-measure“-method and which can be controlled with our CompactOne welding machine via Bluetooth. Or the innovative, handy and inexpensive analyzer, the PRO2 foxy, which works with a long-lasting and wear-proof zirconium-sensor and is also disposed with the “shake-to-measure”-mode and a turnable display. Only long-lasting and wear-proof sensors are used. The devices have many interfaces. They can be operated wireless. Power supplies of 100 VAC – 240 VAC-autorange are used for the battery-charge.

oxygen analyzers PRO2stick

PRO2 stick

Our innovative, modern solution amongst the oxygen analyzers.  By shaking, the PRO2 stick is started and it is operable via Bluetooth together with our CompactOne welding machine. Ready-to-work in 5 seconds!
• Measuring area: 1000 ppm – 1 ppm
• No sensitivities on H2, humidity and ozon
• Quickly ready to measure [less than 5 seconds] • 11 h battery run-time
• Integrated signal horn
• Integrated Bluetooth-module (Bluetooth-class 1, 100 m range) -> data transmission on welding machine, Android-mobile phone (10 m) or PC
• One Bluetooth receiving-module is available
• Robust, innovative and handy aluminium case
• High-resolution 1“ OLED-colour display
• Display with 180° turn-function
• Automatical OFF-mode after 10 min. without measuring-value under 1000 ppm
• 2 integrated LEDs, one usable as a flashlight and one as indication of the charge state
oxygen analyzers PRO2foxy

PRO2 foxy

The innovative, handy and inexpensive analyzer, which works with a long-lasting and wear-proof zirconium-sensor and is disposed with the “shake-to-measure”-feature and and a turnable display. Ready-to-work in 10 seconds.
• Temperature-controlled zirconium sensor, 1000 ppm – 5 ppm
• Graphic-capable, coloured OLED display, 1“
• Power supply 110 VAC-240 VAC
• Internal Lithium Ion-battery with 3,7 VDC, 4.300 mAh
• Integrated, free programmable signal horn. (Device can be programmed on PC or Android-mobile phone via an optional available Bluetooth-adaptor) Approval of the measuring-value with green value on OLED display
• Diffusion-proof special FPM-measuring hoseh
• Power supply for car-cigarette lighter available (optional)
• Position sensor on board. When the device is turned, the display turns also
• Measuring-standby up to 4 h
• Ready to measure in ca. 60 sec.
oxygen analyzers Pro2plus

PRO2 plus

The residual oxygen analyzer PRO2 plus has a long-lasting, temperature controlled and very accurate zirconium-sensor. The device measures the oxygen-content in inert gases from 15 % up to 0,5 ppm and can be calibrated by the operator in ambient air.
• Temperature controlled, wear-proof zirconium-sensor „handmade in Germany“
• Measurement accuracy up to 0,5 ppm
• Graphic-capable display
• Internal battery for wireless measuring up to 90 min.
• Integrated, free programmable signal horn
• Date and time for documentation
• Easy usable software
• Diffusion-proof special-FPM-measuring hose
• Digital flow sensor
• Several interfaces: RS 232, 0-5 VDC (Orbitec), CAN-Bus, AUX (AMI)
• Calibration on ambient air for authorized
• Internal storage from up to 250 parameters or on external memory (PC-docu)
oxygen analyzers Pro2mobil

PRO2 mobil

The handy and portable pocket-oxygen analyzer has an area of application of 1000 ppm up to 5 ppm. The coloured displays, with which the operational states of the device can be displayed, are particularly comfortable.
• Temperature-controlled zirconium-sensor
• Diffusion-proof special-FPM-measuring hose
• Graphic-capable display (4 background colours)
• Power supply for car-cigarette lighter available (optionally)
• Power supply 110 VAC-240 VAC
• Internal battery with 7 VDC, 2750 mAh
• Integrated, free programmable signal horn
• Data can be stored (Premium)
• Easy usable software
• Operation guide in several languages
• PC software for documentation
• Several interfaces for
• Documentation or connection of foreign orbital welding devices (Orbitec, AMI…)
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